Monday, July 11, 2011

just some thought to my little mind

Unspeakable truths
All lead to lies
Unseen emotion hidden deep within your eyes
Your fake exterior you think is so tough
Is actually invisible and not so rough.
Washed up and used is how you want me to feel, that seems to be who you are trying to hide deep down inside.
You don't need a book to be smart enough to look at the soul inside, you know the one your trying to hide.
You think you can keep it safe, passing life by.
Pretending to put your self out there even though you know you have already decided the outcome and it is just another way to say goodbye!
The hard part is over you have sabotaged it all, and you did it without actually having to fall!!!

Friday, June 3, 2011

just a poem

Burning, pulsing, hanging in the air.
Wishing, yearning for things that just aren’t there.
Crying , sadness, empty wash me ups.
Settling, changing for someone I just am not.

Looking, searching trying to understand this all.
Unsure, unsteady, knowing I am for sure going to fall.
No time, forever, minutes turn into hours.
Thinking, hoping that it would change into something it won’t.

Passion, thirsting, just for a simple touch.
Painful, aching for the rejection  that is such.
Loving, loving these are two very different things.
Seeing, perception, not being the same.

Knowing, Needing, none of it really being met.